Trimming your dog’s nails

Oct 18, 2021

Cutting your dog’s nails can be a daunting task for both you and your dog. But with the knowledge of the correct tools, it can become easy. It is very important to know just the right place to actually clip the nail. Here at TOWIG, is a quick reference guide that walks you through step by step.

What to use?
Not all nail trimmers are equal, and purchasing the proper style and size for your dog will help with this task.

For small dogs or tiny puppies, you’ll need scissor style clippers.
For medium large dogs, you’ll need large nail clippers.

Where to trim?
This is a question which is the most common.

WHERE? Most owners know that inside of a dog’s nail is a vein called the quick. This vein is the source of blood and all of your anxiety. If you’re lucky your dog will have white nails that make it possible to see the quick from the outside. However there are many dogs who either have one or more nails that are all black, making it impossible to see where the quick is from the outside of the nail. In this case, little by little is the best method.

How to trim?
So we know what to use, when to use it, and kind of where to cut it, now – what is the safest technique?  If this is the first time you’re cutting your dog’s nails, or you already know the dog is a bit nervous when it comes to a pawdicure, you’ll want to incorporate some positive reinforcement training first before diving in. It is very easy for a dog to have a bad experience with nail trimming. Either they’ve had their nails cut too short in the past which caused pain and bleeding, or they were restrained too aggressively bringing fear into the process. Whatever the reason for your dog’s fear, know that it is very common and most dog owners struggle with nail clipping at home. If you doggie is very much opposed to having their nails trimmed, getting someone to help gently restrain your dog while talking to them, or feeding them something they like can help – why not try peanut butter?
It can make a big difference.


Nail clipping by Kim