Grooming your cockapoo

Oct 17, 2021

It is important to start grooming your cockapoo from an early age so that they become desensitised to touch and the noise of the grooming tools. Reinforce good behaviour while grooming by having your dog’s favourite treats handy. Also lots of cuddles! It is vital to get your cockapoo used to being groomed at an early age. Cockapoo’s fur is soft and maintains the style needing a tremendous amount of maintenance. You should not think that Poodle doesn’t require any trimming or grooming. The coat type is also non-shedding or very little, which is great for people with allergies.
If you do not get your dog used to being brushed and groomed from an early age, likely, they will not take well to being brushed when they are older. 

As soon as your cockapoo has reached around 6 months of age and has had all of it’s vaccinations, you can begin to think about giving them their first trim at the groomers. At home, it is important to prevent matting and for this you will need a slicker brush. A thorough session of brushing that lasts about ten minutes should be completed every other day. Cockapoos have a glorious soft (and typically non-shedding) coat so let’s keep it healthy and to ensure your dog is comfortable in it.  If regular brushing is not carried out, then matting can occur. This is both uncomfortable for the dog and also when it visits the groomers, the groomer will have no option but to remove the coat if it is too matted to groom.

A Cockapoo coat that is improperly maintained and groomed may:

  1. Experience deep matting or knots
  2. Become less soft 
  3. Result in injury though slipping or impinged eyesight
  4. Allow skin irritation to develop
  5. Allow eye, mouth and other stains that breed bacteria and odour
  6. Contribute overall to a stinky Cockapoo


Grooming your Cockapoo